John Anthony Trallo

John's Guitar Arsenal

Electric Guitars
1972 Gibson Custom L5-S
Gibson Flying V
2003 Schecter "C-1 Custom Plus"
2011 hand made "John Trallo Signature Tele"
2014 hand made "John Trallo Signature Strat"
1994 Epiphone "Joe Pass" Custom Emperor
2013 Dean "Boca" electric 12 string
1989 Aria Pro Vantage "X-77 Avenger" (prototype)
1963 Kay thin-line semi-hollow archtop

Acoustics & Acoustic Electrics (A/E)
2000 Art & Lutherie 6 string
1985 Takamine 12 string (A/E)
2006 Takamine 6 string (A/E)
2005 Alvarez Classical (A/E)
1956 Oscar Schmidt 6 string
1996 Aria 6 string
1969 Antonio Vargas Classical
1974 Penco Classical

Misc. Instruments
2001 Ibanez B-100 Bass
2003 Ibanez B-300 Fretless Bass
Rogue Lap Steel
1959 Kay Tenor banjo
2004 John Trallo hand made soprano ukulele
1926 Oscar Schmidt Bowed Ukelin (*half violin/half ukulele)
1917 German violin
1886 Estey upright grand piano
Yamaha DX-7 synth
Yamaha DX-21 synth

1980 Fender Studio Lead
2013 Fender Mustang III
2007 Line 6 1/12 Spider w/floorboard
Danelectro Nifty 50
Fender P-250 Passport PA
assorted hand held percussion
*plus various digital multi effects processors and effect peddles
Endless Mountain Recording Studio
Tascam 2400NEO 24 track digital recording console w/mastering suite
Alesis 12 channel mixer w/digital effect processing
Alesis SR-16 Stereo Programmable Drum Machine
Shure SM 48, 57 & 58 vocal/instrument mics
GBX condenser instrument and vocal mics
CD burner/printer/duplicator 
"Demo to Master" mixdown software
Data CD storage
2/4 speaker playback/monitors