John Anthony Trallo


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Reply alexcic
7:07 AM on August 15, 2018 
Reply Cynthiawam
12:34 AM on August 14, 2018 
Reply John Anthony Trallo
2:35 PM on July 10, 2018 

MarishkaVox says...
Please stop posting your spam ads on this website. They are immediatly being removed. If you continue, your site will be reported. Thank you. 

Reply Kevin Syler
11:01 PM on March 5, 2014 

I recently inherited a ukelin when my dad passed and my mother moved into an assisted living facility. I haven't done anything to the instrument but my wife had it, my grandfather's 6 string banjo and my father's silver clarinet mounted on very nice display boards in my music room right above my ebony grand piano.  Since I'm not a string instrument player the don't get played but finding your site gave me more information about what I have.  Thank you!

Reply Rory and Janice Maginley
4:45 PM on September 30, 2013 
Reply Linda
1:09 PM on November 10, 2011 


I was just looking through old photos from around 1974 and there you were. ..then I thought I would look you up on facebook and see if you were on it and find out what you were up to...No facebook but your name came up and I read your bio....happy to see you still play guitar were amazing.         Linda

Reply qbnikkijamesd2
12:46 PM on June 16, 2011 
Superb web-site yours sincerely, Angele Bloomsburg
Reply Dean H. Marshall
1:18 PM on November 5, 2010 

 Hope to see and hear you perform in my travels! Keep fighting for our environment,as will I.

Reply Bruce & Donna G.
8:47 AM on February 1, 2010 

Loved the show at Chaplin's Saturday! Thanks for getting us the tickets. Everyone was awesome. Looking forward to your new album. Hope to see you at Sonestown on the 12th.

Reply bandsxbands
7:30 PM on January 30, 2010 
How's it going guys, I can't count how many times you guys have helped me out! Love the site!!! (Posted using R4i NDS running R4 DS NetBlog)
Reply Very nice site!
7:04 PM on September 19, 2009 
Very nice site!
Reply Jennette & Gary
12:17 AM on September 14, 2009 

We thorouly enjoyed the entire show, but we could not take our eyes off of you -amazing guitar player.

Reply Angela DeFeo
11:53 PM on July 24, 2009 

John, am so looking forward to the new album with your new singer.  We very much enjoy your music and am very proud of your talents.  Still can't understand how you can sing, considering the vocal genes that run in our family.  Take care.  Love ya.    Your sister (Angela)  :D

Reply geri mingori
1:29 PM on April 1, 2009 

Great site

Reply Kar
11:22 PM on March 22, 2009 
Good for! ;)
Reply Sister Rock
9:51 AM on February 21, 2009 
Hey John, You Look like a well accomplished musician.When do I get to see your pic? Send me one if you can. ~ Sister Rock~
Reply Pat Martino
2:14 PM on February 2, 2009 
Good to hear from you. Keep on playing and please stay in touch. Pat
Reply John "Knock"
3:44 PM on January 28, 2009 
From Junior High you rocked. For sure the Melrose Diner should give you a 10% gold card discount and the SPHS Alumni should give you a star on the walk of fame. The Jr. High crowd remebers you Mr. JT... (nice web page).
Reply Denny Miller
3:07 AM on December 24, 2008 
I am loving the restoration and set up you did on my vintage 1939 Gibson Kalamazoo archtop, and my 1972 Gibson Hummingbird. You are my new guitar hero and mentor. Thank you so much. I'm anxious to see how my old Martin turns out.:D
Reply Carol
9:10 AM on December 13, 2008 
color=blue says...
We didn't know what to expect, but WOW! What a fantastic show you guys did last night. Great food... great sax, and great guitar, too! We will be back!
Reply Mary Jo
7:30 AM on September 14, 2008 
Fantastic show last night, John. You were incredible!!
Reply vinnie
3:59 PM on August 26, 2008 
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Reply Leesie
8:28 AM on April 19, 2008 
Loved the show, John, and we love you! Leesie & Chuckles
Reply Bonnie
1:02 AM on April 6, 2008 
We all thoroughly enjoyed the show tonight, and especially your guitar playing. Excellent! We will be back.
Reply Ann Vassallo
3:50 PM on February 1, 2008 
:DHello John this your old classmate Ann. Been trying to eamil you but no luck. recently spoke to another classmate of ours and your name came up. So happy to see you are doing well. I alwasy knew you had talent from when you were in school. Take care. Im [email protected]
Reply Kathy
2:42 PM on December 1, 2007 
I always believed in your talent and knew that in time you would shine, if you remember I was there when you practiced at Bobby's and Anthony's......and you were way ahead of your time even back are inspirational!!
Reply SueEllen
11:33 PM on November 13, 2007 
We saw you for the first time Friday night. You are Awesome! The band is lucky to have you.
Reply Mare Stas
10:00 PM on October 15, 2007 
Hey John. Sweet website. Thanks for adding our store!! later
Reply "The Peaks"
5:19 PM on September 16, 2007 
Hey we would love to come a hear you play at Chaplin's Theater in Spring city, but we are booked. I wish you guys all the fortune in the world, you certainly deserve it, good thoughts, positive vibes and wishes for great success are being pointed in your direction. Rock on John, Rock on, kick ass, play that beautiful music you play, the music gods will hear you. Peace and Blessings, Bob & Ellen
Reply Neil Adamson
12:29 PM on September 15, 2007 
The fret job you did on my Fender Strat is super clean. My guitar never played so well and the intonation is dead-on perfect and it never was before! Thanks. You're the best! -Neil Adamson, (The Dixie Jukes) Elk, MD
Reply Nick B.
5:57 PM on September 5, 2007 
Your CD came today. Very nice! Thanks. :)
Reply Bill and Carol (Lancaster, PA)
3:56 PM on August 26, 2007 
You were awesome last night. We could listen to you play guitar all day long!
Reply Anne Palagruto
11:42 AM on August 22, 2007 
I just got your CD. Thank you. It is great!!!! I never heard you sing before:-)
Reply dr
4:21 PM on August 16, 2007 
the cursor is cursed
Reply Dee Cannan
8:32 AM on July 25, 2007 
I got your CD and listened to it a dozen times. I love it. It's great!
Reply Brandon Smith
6:46 PM on July 18, 2007 
Nice John now you just need to show Mike how to do it.
Reply tom cox
2:39 PM on July 4, 2007 
Reply Ralph Biansco
8:02 AM on June 29, 2007 
Yo John; Very nice my old friend! How did that S. Philly High organ story go again???? Yuk Yuk.
Reply Jack Winston
7:08 PM on June 27, 2007 
John. Nice site, good music. Have you seen Norman lately?
Reply Roger Hudson
11:53 PM on June 26, 2007 
Very impressive! You are a truly talented guitarist. Let me know if you're ever in Nashville.
Reply dennisandavid
2:54 PM on June 25, 2007 
Johnny, my ancient friend. If the guestbook would allow it, I would tell sordid tales of your youth (and mine.) But in the space permitted, I can only wish you well, and thank you for sharing your gift on "Free Flight".
Reply The gang from Brooklyn, NY
9:13 PM on June 24, 2007 
Thanks for a great show last night!!!
Reply Kris
9:51 PM on June 22, 2007 
Your CD came today. Great! It was worth the wait.
Reply Grant J. Shultz
11:00 AM on June 22, 2007 
awesome John, like the flame thanks for guitar lessons these past few years
Reply Joe Hyland
2:58 PM on June 18, 2007 
Nice Job on the site...Happy for your success...
Reply ralph trallo
10:37 AM on June 18, 2007 
Its a long way from "Johnny be Good". Good luck cous.
Reply Sondron Precaro
9:36 AM on June 18, 2007 
precision soft
Reply dennis
4:35 PM on June 17, 2007 
Yo Tommy. Cool site dude, keep on rockin'!